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“I have been taking my kids to Pumpkin Patch Childcare & Learning Center for over 5 years. They both started as babies in the infant room. The love & dedication that is given to the kids here is truly heartwarming. The staff is amazing and they go above & beyond not only for the children but for the families too. I am so blessed that I found Pumpkin Patch Childcare & Learning Center. What a great feeling it is so drop my boys off and know they are getting the love & care they deserve! Thank you to each & every one of you for your love and devotion!”

–Parent of 5 & 6 yr. old boys

“Our son loves his teachers and friends and has made some strong connections with them since he’s been coming for the past 2 years. He always talks about his teachers and asks if he will see them on the weekends! You all have taken such good care of him since he was a baby and we appreciate the love everyone gives him at Pumpkin Patch Childcare & Learning Center!”

–Parents of a 2 1/2 yr old.

“We love the care our daughter receives at Pumpkin Patch Childcare & Learning Center. She enjoys attending and has made so many friends during these past 3 years! Thank you for the wonderful start to her “school career” you are giving her. The staff at Pumpkin Patch Childcare & Learning Center is full of wonderful people that have helped our daughter blossom into the wonderful girl she is and will continue to become.”

–Parents of a 4 yr old.

“Six years ago our baby and her older brother came to Pumpkin Patch Childcare & Learning Center. With our little one now attending full time kindergarten, we will no longer need childcare for them. We are sad to go as we will miss our family here at Pumpkin Patch Childcare & Learning Center. Thanks for providing us with such great care for all these years and letting us be part of your family too.”

–Parents of 5 & 7 yr. olds.

“Wow, our child is 5 yrs. old now and off to Kindergarten! It seems like yesterday when we were having trouble with our old daycare provider and had a meeting with Rita to see if our infant would like Pumpkin Patch Childcare & Learning Center and if we would as well. You all showed us how much you love kids & helping them learn & grow. Your center is more than a daycare provider, it is a child development center. Everyone at your center deserves a standing ovation! Whenever we think of you, our hearts will be filled with joy & happiness!”

–Parents of a 5yr old.

“I remember vividly the day when we came to see your school. I was so disappointed with the schools my son had been enrolled in before, but once I talked to you I knew that Pumpkin Patch Childcare & Learning Center was going to be different and I was right! We are so relieved that we found Pumpkin Patch Childcare & Learning Center! The teachers and assistants do an amazing job and are always so very loving and caring!”

–Parents of a 3 yr old.

From Kids
What I Love About Pumpkin Patch Childcare & Learning Center Is…

“I like eating the lunch!”
-4 Year Old

“I like outside time!”
-3 Year Old

“I like going on field trips!”
-8 Year Old

“I love my teacher!”
-4 Year Old

“I love the snacks!”
-9 Year Old

“I like seeing my friends every day.”

-4 Year Old

“I like everything here!”

-4 Year Old

“I like the dress-up clothes!”

-5 Year Old


Teddy Bears 6 weeks – 15 months

Entrust your infants to reliable, compassionate caregivers in a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment.

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Cuddly Critters 16 months - 32 months

Let your toddlers experience fun in an exciting place where they have the freedom to explore their independence while being supported by caring teachers.

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Polka Dots 33 months - 5 years

Allow your preschoolers to fully develop their capacities and potentials through the fun-filled programs and activities we have prepared.

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Empower your children to be confident, successful, and lifelong learners through the appropriate learning opportunities we have in store.

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